Saturday, September 23, 2006

New Gizmo on my web site

Today Wyn, my Wizard Web Mistress, installed a Jukebox on the monologues page of my site. It has a scrolling playlist which invites people to listen to one or another of the actors reading monologues. It works on the computers in our house. Could some of you pretty please check and let me know if there are PCs or browsers with which it doesn't work? Thanks!
My It started modestly with a free-with-your-dialup host about 7 years ago, and as a small-business site with its own domain has grown to the point that yesterday's visitor count was 1883, hits 54,000, and I get one or two requests for production permission per day. If an acting student Googles "free student monologues", my site comes up #1 in the search results. #1! Many of the students who visit don't really want what I have to offer-- they are looking for monologues by David Mamet, or Arthur Miller, or Shakespeare. These searchers go away immediately-- but they don't go away mad, because there is nothing misleading about my site's key words and metas. My web mistress friend, whose savvy has guided the site's development over the years, is as concerned to discourage people who would not be interested in what the site has to offer as she is to attract those who are likely to want it. Wyn Snow has her own web design business --- The other techie involved in the Stagepage site is my husband David Meyer, who is also currently producing the Stagepage Podcasts showcasing my work. People will be able to hear David's program titled "Getting on the Web", where he interviews Wyn for advice about how playwrights or other Starving Artists can set up their own inexpensive sites to promote their work.
I shouldn't have said that trying to make my work as easily available to theatre-deprived Middle America as the Public Domain stuff on the shelves of Podunk's high school library was my most important goal. Actually, the fact that amateurs in France, Italy, Germany, Greece, Russia, New Zealand, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Uganda, and the Union of South Africa have found my plays and performed them, and that third world teachers without much access to libraries write to ask if they may print them out and use them in English classes, makes me happiest of all.......

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