Saturday, September 09, 2006

Religious plays

To a dramaturg looking for scripts about religion:
I've sung in a Unitarian choir since childhood-- heard at least 2500 sermons-- and my master's degree is in the sociology of religion. Religion is a recurrent theme in my plays, and I've written at least a dozen that center on it.
One Acts: Sacred Space-- is about the Sanctuary Movement of the 1980's.
The Gender Agenda-- shows a liberal Protestant church's Women's Committee challenged by a transexual.
Many of my ten minute plays deal with various New Age practices: Snakes and Ladders, The Lost Prince of Paradise, In The Dark, And the Lion Shall Lie Down With..., One Fiery Leaf, Cyberscripture, etc.
Full length: The Prophet Freeman-- is about a preacher in the rural midwest who claims supernatural powers.
Spirit and Flesh-- is also about someone who claims powers: Spiritualist Victoria Woodhull, who ran for President in 1872 on a platform of Equal Rights and Free Love.
"Under Siege"-- my play set in an abortion clinic, explores how different religious traditions affect attitudes toward child-bearing.
Other plays of mine feature ghosts and Greek Gods.

All are on my web site,

I also directed Eliza Wyatt's beautiful 1980's play Mirror Images, which is about Muslim women during the Iranian revolution.


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