Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Mouthoffs and the Podcast project

On Sep 19, 2006, at 2:11 PM, Bill wrote:
Hey, Geralyn!
You know that a number of TAS actors have used monologues from your
plays for audition purposes; and that I also do scene study from your
body of work.
Thanks for this new resource.... I downloaded your "Mouth-0ffs"
yesterday. Wonderful and rich material for cold reading exercises and
for possible audition monologues.
Break a leg,

Thanks, Bill! It makes me happy to imagine young people performing my stuff. If any of your students would like to send me an mp3 or m4a audio file of their performance, I'd love to use it for the Podcasts my husband is producing using mywork. David has put his old college radio/TV production skills together with his computer skills and launched a weekly 10-20 minute radio show, combining monologues or scenes from my StagePage Collected Works with interviews and features on theatre topics. For instance, the last week in August Larry Stark of interviewed me
about my August 14-20 trip to the Women Playwrights Retreat at Ohio State U, and Carol Shelton, one of the Ohio Senior Theatre actresses who read what we playwrights were writing during the Retreat, is heard performing an anti-war rant that she connected strongly with and recorded as an mp3 using my laptop's Garage Band. On Sept 10th's Podcast, Eliza Wyatt, Robert Bonotto and I chat about local theatre and actors John M. Costa and Penny Benson perform 2 very different interpretations of the same Mouth-Off monologue. Sept 17th is June Lewin talking with me about our touring show, Rosanna Alfaro's Martha Mitchell Musical. You can listen to any of these at Podomatic,
or-- better yet! raise my husband's spirits by raising the show's ranking: Search the iTunes Music Store or Yahoo! Podcast sections
for "stage page" and subscribe.

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