Monday, September 11, 2006

NOMTI Meeting and playwright stuff

NOMTI's First Meeting (I plan to be there)
To all Playwrights' Platform members:

"This year's first meeting of New Opera and Theater Initiative (NOMTI)
will be at 7 PM this Tuesday, Sept. 12 at Berklee College of Music in
downtown Boston. We will meet in room 402, or there will at least be a
sign there directing you to the actual meeting place.

As you may know, Playwrights' Platform members have reciprocal
membership privileges with NOMTI. This year we are doing a group
project called The Exquisite Corpse, and we encourage everyone to
participate. (The details of the project appear in an earlier email.)
Whatever the results of the experiment are, we'll present them (using
professional singer/actors) to an invited audience in the spring. We
hope you'll come and join us."

Some Stagepage confusion today -- regrettable shouting on the domestic front. An update (on Sat?) adding a mp3 button and changing the order of the 1st page of mouthoffs resulted in my "get" from the remote site wiping out 5 monlogs I'd written and posted within the past week. This oops was followed by another oops-- discovering that my nightly Backup isn't backing up Stagepage or its updates...... where'd it all go....???? David was not sympathetic, and his "help" didn't find the missing texts in any of the likely places searched.

I found near-final drafts of my missing mouthoffs on my "notes and drafts" file, proofed them and put them on the top mouthoff page in the order I thought best that they should go-- placing some that I know have been mp3'd recently near the top , waiting for the magic buttons to happen when David sends them to Wyn and she posts them. Of course it's ok to change the order then-- you're the experts-- but a heads-up email would be very helpful. If when I open the page I don't see what I left there last time, I tend to panic.......
I've now figured out a way to back up new pieces in one of my Documents folders as I post them.


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