Monday, September 18, 2006

My Own Web Site, StagePage

Is the subject of this email:
G.L. Horton;I like the site your plays are on. Is that your own site or is that
a site that other writers can use? If other writers can use, how does one
sign up?

It is my own site, the product of years of weekly labor by 3 skilled, intelligent people. My web mistress friend, Wyn Snow, is brilliant-- and she has her own web design business --- My site has grown to an average of more than 1500 visitors per day. I don't expect that it will make me either rich or famous, but it is a consistent source of below-the-radar productions.
The other techie involved in the Stagepage site, my husband David Meyer, is also producing Stagepage Podcasts showcasing my work.If you go to the podcast site
you'll be able to hear David's program titled "Getting on the Web", Wyn's tips onhow playwrights or other Starving Artists can set up their own inexpensive sites to promote their work. Or-- better yet! Raise my ranking! Search the iTunes Music Store or Yahoo! podcast sections for "stage page" and subscribe.

I belong to several organizations that offer to host a simple web site, or to link to an existing individual playwright web site. The Dramatists Guild just began to offer this service. I was amazed to see that only a couple dozen playwright members have signed up to be included! Of course it won't be widely used until there's an
inclusive list and theatre people figure out how to make it work for them-- but let's get started, writers! Today's young people, unlike theatre practitioners of previous generations, really do search the web to find what they want-- including plays, scenes, and monologues.
The International Centre for Women Playwrights links to sites featuring plays by women authors. The Mass. Cultural Council is sponsoring a searchable list of performers, writers, troups and
teachers in the New England region,
My local Boston writers' group, PlaywrightsPlatform, also links to writers' sites; as does Rob Matson's Storyfoundry. Playwrights On The Web, ditto.

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