Sunday, September 17, 2006

A Play To Go To School

From Professor Alan Woods
I wonder if you'd be willing to let me use Boston's Brothers in Liberty for a class I'm teaching this term at Ohio State. The course is for first year honors students, and is " Introduction to Theatre: Making History ---- Honors Early Experience Research Seminar " Each student is assigned a play, and they spend the term reconstructing everything they can find out about the playwright, where the play has been produced (or, if not, what reaction the writer's had to the script), and so forth--as a way of exploring the way theatre happens in the contemporary world.

If you will permit me to assign the play, you'd also be agreeing to have the student contact you and interview you for an oral history. The student will write a formal research paper, based on the interview and the research, and the interview then becomes part of our oral history archives here.

I would, of course, be happy to answer any questions you might have. I do hope you'll let our students--most of whom have little or no theatrical background--learn about theatre through your work.

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