Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Going To School In England!

On Feb 22, 2006, S W wrote:

I am a teacher at an FE college in Manchester. I am very interested in using some of your work as resources for delivering a level one certificate unit on the BTec in Performing Arts course.
The plays I am interested in are:
Skinny Teeth
Unbinding Time
I have four young female students who will be presenting a short showcase of work towards the end of the year as part of their assessment. The material will be performed at college in front of a small audience.
I would very much like to use writing that is new and accessible for this level of drama work and yours looks just the ticket. Thank you for making your material so easy to access, there isn't much around for young women to explore!
I hope to hear from you soon.
Thank you
S W, South Trafford college

Geralyn Horton wrote:

I don't understand your first paragraph-- different education jargon on this side of the pond. However, you have my permission to use my plays-- if you make them look good and spread my good reputation I'll be grateful.
Do check the titles, though. The 1st is correct, but
the other two.....

On Mar 8, S W wrote:

Dear Geralyn,
Huge apologies for messing about with the titles, I should have written them down.
I'm interested in Skinny Teeth, The Thingjimmy and Unbinding Our Lives and perhapes more. Your synopsis for each play looks so interesting, I'm spoilt for choice.
Is there something I have to do to access the materialon-line?
Many thanks for your patience.

March 8 reply
You should be able to download them and print them out-- or people can read them on line.
If you ever get to the sell tickets and do a public performance stage, do get back to me.
If you have a problem downloading, I can email copies to you--
Though I don't seem to have a .doc version of Skinnyteeth. I write with Appleworks, my raw files are .cwk, but I can make a .doc version for you tomorrow if you email me that you need one.


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