Thursday, February 09, 2006

Post Show Depression

Monday is just Lost. I wake up with sore eyes and a stuffed up nose, sneezing. The eyes I think are in reaction to a contact lens worn for performance that sort of became glued in place and I had to work to fish it out, with the other eye swollen in sympathy. I get a message that the Corgi I've been walking for a neighbor has a terminal illness, and won't be walking with me any more. My furry friend's fate reminds me of all my fleshy friends who are coping with serious ailments, which reminds me of my own mortality and convinces me I'm miserable, I'm depressed. I have heaps of stuff from MARTHA to wash or put away and heaps of dishes and debree from an apartment that has been 5 days without its official housekeeper. But the heck with it. I crawl back in bed with an amusing novel .
Tuesday I catch up with email and do some writing. The monologue collection is growing-- and so is the number of visitors to the Free Monologues on my web site! I pay bills and answer some correspondence.
Wednesday I feel too blue and sneezy to go with Will Stackman to see Romeo & Juliet at the ART. Good thing, because it has been postponed and the ART neglected to tell the minor press that the opening will be next week instead. By now all the extra MARTHA mess has been reduced to normal clutter, and the apartment is returned to its usual state. I settle down to working on my lines for Sugan's TALKING TO TERRORISTS: rehearsals begin Feb 20th, time to get on it. Thursday I take books back to the library and get out two fat new Shakespeare books that I've read excellent reviews for: Peter Ackroyd's biography and James Shapiro's 1599. Unable to decide which to read first, I greedily grabbed both. 1599 begins easily..... At the library I cut and paste the Gloucester Times article about Martha at the WET and make copies to send out. I begin to catch up with my blogging, too. Will promises to show me how to add pictures.


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