Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Ruling Passion rules!

On Mar 7, 2006, W T wrote:

Dear Mrs. Horton,

My name is W-- T--. I'm currently a senior in high school at D- High School in Denver, Colorado. We have a drama club that is sponsoring what is called "Senior One Acts," where, if you are a senior and dedicated to theatre, you're given the chance to direct a one act play.
Theatre has been a large part of my life ever since seventh grade. I directed my first skit when I was 11, and since then have directed six other short plays and five short films. I realized this year that I wanted to choose a satirical comedy for my senior one act. I began reading your play, "Ruling Passion" and I immediately knew this was the one I wanted. It was exactly the kind of humor I was looking for.
May I, along with the help of other dedicated thespians, produce and direct "Ruling Passion?"

yes, yes, yes!


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