Saturday, March 04, 2006

Call To Action re: Corrie Cancellation


Hello all,
Thank you for being so patient with lack of communication over the last few
days. As you can imagine, things were happening fast and furiously and we
needed a little time to sort out details before we could let you know
concretely what was going on. But now, finally—it's time to get concrete
and to start moving fast!

The "Rachel's Words" initiative has several components; world-wide actions
on March 16th and a New York performance event on March 22nd. We have been
invited to host a reading of Rachel's Words at the Made in Palestine Art
Exhibition in New York, date to be determined. There are more components in
the works—this is continuing to snowball!

Please endorse this initiative, and join this
coalition. It’s not meant to replace any plans that
groups may already have for March 16th or individual
responses to the cancellation of the play (expressing
feelings to the NYTW, writing op-eds, etc.) but to
support them. In fact, we are hoping that a unified
action, world-wide, and with press coverage will
ensure that Rachel’s words are heard more widely than
ever and, through her words, her message of human
rights and justice will be heard as well. If you
already have an event planned for March 16, perhaps
reading from Rachel’s e-mails can be incorporated into
or before/after your event.

• We are in direct contact with Cindy and Craig Corrie
(Rachel’s parents) and are proceeding with their
support and permission on all aspects of this
• We have sent a proposal to the Royal Court Theatre
in London about the rights to the show. We will update
you when we receive their response.
• We are approaching progressive theatre groups like
THAW (Theaters Against War), with the hopes of
developing contacts in the New York theatre community
who can help pull this off.
• We have spoken to people from multiple groups and
media outlets to get an initial feel about this
action/event. People are enthused.

We are all outraged by what has happened. But we have
the opportunity to harness our energy toward a very
positive end. We are setting up a “Rachel’s Words”
listserve and website to help facilitate joint
communication. We will send regular updates as to
which groups and individuals are signing onto this
joint coalition and progress in the action/event.
Please let us know if you want to be a part of this
coordinated response.


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