Monday, February 13, 2006

The Blizzard of '06

Dragged out of bed at 8am by David-- time to slither out of the driveway and take the turnpike into town. Only about 5 or 6 inches of snow thus far, but the wind is furious and visibility a challenge. Nothing on the streets but snowplows and sand trucks. The turnpike has 2 out of 4 lanes clear, and the ride is slow but not too terrible. In South Boston we can't make it quite all the way to David's office building: there's a heap of plowed snow blocking the street. Let David out of the car to hike the rest of the way, turn around and head home. By now the 50mph wind is driving so much snow that simply recognizing what street I'm on is a challenge, and I have to try to discover the big green signs that will lead me back to the pike through veils of snow. Once on the pike the driving is fairly easy until I get to the slippery downslope of the exit ramp, and then easy again until I turn up onto the bridge over the pike that leads to my own street, where the slippery snow is unplowed and seems to be at least 2-3 inches deeper than when I left home a little over an hour before. If church hadn't been cancelled, I would be getting to choir rehearsal only a few minutes late. Very glad to be safely home and parked in the driveway. I think that I will be able to stay up and get some serious writing done this morning, but no such luck. My body is still protesting last night's tennis abuse. I curl up on the sofa with an afghan, and read more of my Shakespeare book. After lunch, I decide that my sleep-deprivation headache is not going to go away, take some asprin and go up to bed for a nap. When I wake up it is still snowing, and when I turn on the TV for a weather report-- weather reports are on all the stations. No news but snow news! Playwrights Platform announces via email that tonight's meeting is cancelled, so I won't be acting in a stage reading of Rebecca's Saunder's new play. I decide that I'm having a Snow Day and that I won't have to write or work on my lines or do anything healthy or useful-- especially after David calls from work to say that he will be able to come home on the 6pm commuter rail, which is now running. However, at some point while David is writing about the snow in HIS blog and the boring snow sports Olympics are on TV are I get a rush of energy: I write two new monologues and this blog, which means that I am Caught Up! I'll reward myself with tonight's episiode of Bleak House before going to bed.


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