Thursday, March 02, 2006

Just Rehearsing and Reading Email

Rehearsal is going well. In a day or 2 I think I'll have my lines securely enough that I can rejoin the world.

Fascinating rows on the theatre lists about the cancellation of My Name Is Rachel Corrie.

interesting poll tidbit:

"Across the board, women are much more critical of the Bush administration and the Republicans than men. The number on terrorism is particularly startling. Men still approve of Bush's handling of the war on terrorism by 51 to 45 percent. Women disapprove of his handling of terrorism by
59 to 35 percent.
It can't all be explained by Iraq. There is a substantial gender gap there also (men disapprove 57-41 while women disapprove 63-31) but it's not nearly as large."

So what do you think happened?? To change their minds?


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