Thursday, March 01, 2007

Boston playwright's play at the BCA

very positive review of Boston playwright's play at the BCA:

Review By Terry Byrne, Globe Correspondent | March 2, 2007
Playwright Janet Kenney doesn't have time for idle chit chat.

Even as the characters in "More Than What," her collection of seven short plays, talk about a broken shelf, a selection of songs, or plantings at a grave site, something much deeper is going on. The beauty of Kenney's writing is that she can cut straight to the heart of the matter in just a few lines of dialogue. In each of her beautifully crafted one-acts, potent emotions of pain, loss, death, fear, joy, and wonder catch us by surprise, even when it should be obvious exactly where she's going.
"More Than What," receiving its world premiere with Centastage....

I saw the production Thursday night. Poignant moments, interesting relationships, good acting. It is made up of playlets, and I think the present structure is a compromise when the material deserves a more integrated full length form. The first scene/play is a gem, and the last one, which is very good, would probably be even better than it is if it some of the expositiory material in it appeared earlier. But it's a lovely piece, and I'm very glad it has been staged.


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