Monday, February 26, 2007

sponsors, patrons

Here's a tidbit:
"According to a survey of more than 200 Wall Street professionals who took home at least $2 million in cash from their 2006 bonuses, respondents are spending 11% of their payouts, on average, on watches and jewelry. For even the lowest-paid bankers in the survey, that's a bling budget of more than $200,000."

200k is the yearly operating budget of the bare bones but "professional" new-play-producing theatres in my area. Not the shortfall to be covered by donors, the entire budget. For what these 200 guys spend on bling, they could be major patrons, mini-Medicis -- pass out free tickets to every kid who takes part in a high school play and have 1000 playwrights weeping tears of joy as they watch their cloud-capped visions spring to life before a youthful audience.....

The bankers' charity budget averages 1/3 of their bling budget.....

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