Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Globe's Louise Kennedy likes Orson Play, too.....

When Orson met Larry: A tale about shadow of fame
By Louise Kennedy, Globe Staff | February 27, 2007
WATERTOWN -- "A play about Orson Welles and Laurence Olivier has a double trick to pull off. The first and more obvious one is to persuade us that we're really watching those famous actors. The second, trickier one is to make us forget the first trick entirely. Only then can we settle down and just watch the play.
Happily, the New Repertory Theatre production of "Orson's Shadow" succeeds on both counts. Steven Barkhimer and Tuck Milligan quickly establish themselves as Welles and Olivier, respectively, not so much by exact mimicry as by an assured sense of intonation, gesture, and presence. Then they draw us irresistibly into the deeper resonances of Austin Pendleton's fine, funny, and meditative play......(snip)
The women are just as successful as the men at evoking their famous characters; Debra Wise brings a magnificent subtlety to (Vivian) Leigh's unraveling, and Helen McElwain is just perky enough as the bright young Plowright. If Jason Marr seems a little too fresh-faced for Tynan, he nevertheless captures the critic's unique blend of enthusiasm and acid. Adam Soule's Sean, though a smaller part, lends another note of brash youth to counterpoint the aging lions who no longer quite believe their own roars."

Particulary pleased when actors I like as well as admire get raves in the Big Paper!

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