Sunday, February 25, 2007

getting the word out about Women Playwrights

I don't think we'll have trouble filling the seats in our 70-90 seat spaces-- not with 8-16 writers per event. But the Idea is to raise the profile of women writers in the community and among theatre people generally. It is high time that theatre subscribers -- the majority of whom are women!-- NOTICE when a theatre schedules a season of plays all written (and directed) by men, and says "Huh? Where are the women?" If they have heard of some good women writers, even if they haven't yet seen something of their work, they won't accept "There just aren't any talented enough" as an answer. they want evidence.
When I was in school, back in the Dark Ages, it was Common Knowledge that something biological in the female brain prevents a member of The Weaker Sex from writing a good play-- or painting a good picture, or being a General in the Army.
Getting women playwrights' names, words, imagined worlds "out there" where producers are aware that they exist and come in all varieties is my Worthy Cause.

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