Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Q & A re: selection committees

Aug 29 andswer to query:

I need to find out if anyone has been on a committee for reading scripts for production as in 10 minute play festivals.

How many people usually read the submissions?

Are they submitted without the writers names on them?
either, depending on rules

Do the jurors have a list of qualifications to go by?
sometimes, sometimes not. Producing bodies are more likely to have rules than simple contests. Jurors may be instructed to reject plays that are too long, large cast, racist, sexist, profane, whatever.

How can the readers be totally objective?
they can't. warning: women are more likely to appreciate male-oriented plays than vice-versa
Now that I see that you are choosing from a specific group....
Why not let the group itself-- plus any actors or directors who have read the plays during the workshop-- pick which ones are to be "shown off" and represent the class's accomplishment?
By the end of the session, they should be the experts on their own stuff.
Not that this is "objective" either. My own writers' group voted "best play" this year a one-joke absurdist comedy that I ranked dead last!


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