Monday, September 04, 2006

Labor Day

cnot a holiday for the unemployed or artists....
Last night The Kids came back from Dance Camp, which I skipped after going and enjoying it the last few years. Mountains of laundry return from Maine, and I'm doing my Family Duty by seeing that they get washed and dried while others are busy preparing for The First Day of School.
There will appear to be a decrescendo in My Life In Art, but it is only because I've gone from an accomplishment to a preparation stage. The books I requested through Interlibrary Loan to research historic material for the Centlivre play have all come in at once, and I am reading and note-taking frantically because they must all be returned in 3 weeks. It would be lovely to just order them from Amazon, make notes in the margins, and have them on hand during rewrites-- but financially impossible.
When I'm not reading, I'm memorizing my lines for Bessie In "Awake and Sing". I played the role 7 years ago, and thought it would come back quickly. Apparently the short rehearsal period and six performance run of the play play back then didn't groove these lines in, the way Martha was grooved in 18 years ago.
Busy, busy.


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