Friday, September 01, 2006

Give the Underdog a break!

Hi G.L. Horton, R A here. I was wondering if your monologue "Walter the
Warrior" is in a play or simply on its own. If it is from a play of yours, are
there prints of this play I could find at libraries and such? How long is it? I
really liked the monoluge and wanted to use it for a class performance in my
college acting class, but it has to meet certain criteria to be usable.

Tell your teacher to give obscure self-publishing playwrights a break! My goal is Literary Immortality, and I'm sort of resigned to the idea that it will be posthumous. So: Why should commercial publishers be the gatekeepers? The Library of Congress considers web published material to be "published". Maybe 3 new American plays out of the 300-500 that are produced yearly are put out by a publishing house and available in libraries. Don't settle for such a meager supply!
Anyway, the play that "Walter the Warrior" will eventually be part of isn't written yet. It's about an New Age Arts Camp in Maine where my family has gone for years, and will be a musical.... rather like "Hair".... once I have found a composer to collaborate with. So far I just have notes and monologues and scenes for it, but I expect to finish a first draft libretto before the end of 2007.


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