Monday, August 21, 2006

Monday-- Talking Old Time Radio with Larry Stark

I didn't do much of this, actually. David had recorded a CD full for Larry, as a sort of bribe to get him to come out and do a Podcast interview. David had published--posted-- listed-- whatever it is one does when one puts a Podcast on line -- another in the Stagepage series Sunday -- mostly while I slept-- and wanted Larry to interview me about the ICWP Retreat for his next Sunday's broadcast. Larry seemed to enjoy talking into the mic, and at least for a little while imagining that he would like to be able to speak his TheaterMirror reviews rather than type them.

I unpacked. I looked forward to seeing the kids, who would be home from their trip to Conneaut tonight with coolers full of fresh caught perch-- but only be staying for a couple of days before leaving for Miane and Dance Camp until Labor day.


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