Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Wednesday was a big day

for doing nothing but write! I skipped lunch and the 4 pm panel by Howling At the Moon-- I know they are good, but I've seen them 2 years running and wanted to lock in my work pace. What a motivator it is to have actors ready to bring whatever you've written during the day to life that very evening! If I continue as I hope, I should finish the 1st act and get enough accomplished on the second to make it easy to keep writing once I'm home and subject to the distractions of daily life.
Here's one of the pictures Alan took of a reading of a scene from the Centlivre play-in-progress. I'm the one standing on the right....

There's a web site for the ICWP Retreat, with the names of the people in this picture and lots of other pictures, too.


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