Friday, August 18, 2006

Friday: last day to hear new pages read!

I pushed on to the end of Act One. There will be time for writing tomorrow, to sketch in some broad strokes for Act Two. But this night is the last chance to hear what's been written read. the actors have tomorrow off.
The first night here I told the Ohio actors about my husband David's Podcast project, and how I was hoping that some of them would read one or more of my monologues into the Garage Band recorder I have on my laptop, so that David can edit it into a podcast. Several agreed, and I've been lugging my laptop and microphone around all week. But Carol Shelton is the only one who printed out a monologue and set aside some time to record it. I hope it comes out all right! David is the hardware guy. David usually handles the recording.
"That other actor" in the picture above, Robert Monaghan, intends to do a monologue too-- a long one, from "The Prophet Freeman". But he wants to use his own computer Tools to do the recroding and then send it to us--- as does the young man who has done some work at the university's radio station. Alan said he'd do one, but hasn't had a spare moment. Looks like I'm supposed to do some long distance nagging when I get home.

The presentation this afternoon was on musicals. I enjoyed hearing what was said and the examples the composer played, but like the production examples on Tues, I couldn't see any way to apply the experience of these artists to my own work.


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