Saturday, August 12, 2006

A beautiful Saturday squandered on work

Saturday was an apply-seat-of-pants-to-desk-chair-and-type day, where I tried to catch up with email, blog, and short writing assignments before taking off Monday morning for the ICWP Playwrights Retreat at Ohio State U. I'd hoped to go see Shakespeare on the Common, but both Eliza and I were productively in the midst of something when the time came, and chose to stick to the chores. My reward was satisfaction when I posted 6 new monologues to the Mouthoff page on my site! Now I have 20 new pieces that an actor who's been away in July and August will find upon returning to visit my site at the start of school! I needn't feel that I am behind in the monologues project while in Ohio, and can concentrate entirely on trying to push hrough to a first draft of a new full length.
Got an email from Alan Woods:
Margaret McSeveney arrived in Columbus Saturday afternoon--the first
playwright to appear, so the Third Annual ICWP Playwrights' Retreat has
begun! More playwrights today, and Ohio Sweet Cornroast this (Sunday) afternoon.
Mags joined Ann and me at a performance of Actors Theatre's Twelfth Night
in Schiller Park--our free Shakespeare--this evening. A musical version.
Great fun, although it was best when it stuck to Shakespeare. Viola and
Sebastian played by a real sister/brother duo, aged 16 and 17. --- Alan

I haven't seen Mags since visiting her in Scotland-- what is it, seven years ago? I'm so looking forward! On the other hand, I got the sad news that Linda Eisenstein, one of my favorite people, will not be at Ohio State when I arrive-- and she may not be able to come at all: her husband Bob is ill.


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