Sunday, August 13, 2006

Praise from the Past

Thank you kindly for the encouraging words! Yes, I think I'd left the T by 1983. I was there for a bit more than 6 years, rather enjoying the work (I've always loved Trains & Trollies: my grandma took me riding on them as a treat when I was a kid) and making more $ than I ever have before or since as a Starving Artist or Adjunct college Instructor. But although I could write plays while working the kind of shifts available to people with low seniority, I couldn't get off the evenings and weekends one needs to Be An Actor. Hi diddle de dee, an Actors' life for me....
Aug 13, 2006, P K wrote:

Dear Ms. Horton,
I enjoyed reading your MBTA play. I am a woman still working on the Green Line approaching completion of my 23rd year (guess I missed you when I got there in 1983). I laughed at many of your accurate capturings of life on the Green Line and although some of the equipment has changed, the interactions and the customer questions are very much the same. Told Bob Breen (still there) and of course he remembers you. Planning on bringing your play into the picking room soon. Thank you,


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