Tuesday, August 08, 2006


My "between jobs" techie husband has begin a project of making Podcasts of some of the 200 monologues I've written. They are to be linked to my playwright web site, -- next to the texts of the pieces that are performed, and crediting the actor. (my monologue texts are free for students and actors' use. I'm not selling anything) Then the monologues are to be paired with an interview or other audio items of general interest re: theatre and launched as a Podcast. David and I have each recorded a couple so far, and I've begun to ask actor friends if they'd like to read a monologue or two for me. David has the post-pro software to tweak a digital file into a decent mp3. If an actor wants to do one, David would make a CD and e-mail copies to give the actor to use freely in self-promotion.

The first podcast show David put together is already posted on Podomatic; it's the one where we do our own readings. You can listen to it here:
The podcast also features a segment by TheaterMirror's Larry Stark.


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