Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Requiem & Eliza Wyatt's arrival

Last night, Tuesday, I finally made it to one of the Masterworks Chorale's Summer Sings in Lexington: the one for the Faure Requiem. John Ehrlich of the Spectrum Singers was the last minute substitute conductor-- the friend I went with was overjoyed: she really admires him, and enjoys singing under his baton. We had the luxury of a detailed rehearsal because it is comparatively short-- Erhlich assured us that it was as deep and significant as the longer famous requiems-- and then a molto largo mass performance. It was pure pleasure to sing. I've sung it perhaps 3 times in 40 years, and I don't have to bury my head in the score for either text or notes. The unalloyed pleasure is because the Faure is the only major choral work in which I can still sing all the soprano notes without strain: it's mercifully low!

Today my old and dear friend, playwright Eliza Wyatt, arrived from England. We caught up on gossip and made plans for her to do a bit of recording for the Podcast project. We also made plans to see Shrew on the Common, but she called right before time to meet to say that she was far to jet lagged to go anywhere but to bed-- and I realized that I was tired, too.


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