Thursday, August 10, 2006

Thursday business

Eliza Wyatt came over today. We compared the vitamins we take regularly-- the English say "veet"amin -- those semi-magical keys to long life and continual creativity-- or not. David got Eliza to make an mp3 of the monologue of mine that is best read with an English accent, the one that begins "You Americans are Luvvies...", and it will go into Podcast #2 this week end. I am engaged to show up for Larry Stark's birthday celebration/documentary fundraiser at the Mass College of Art this evening; Eliza is going to go to our old friend Frank Shefton's new play at Boston Playwrights' Theatre.
I was miserable at the fundraiser-- very few people I know were there, it was a younger crowd, and not surprisingly, I hate fundraisers. I hate PBS auctions, too; and charity runs, and raffles and lotteries and benefits-- anything that reminds me that money makes the world go round and that things of the spirit are not exempt. How anyone could enjoy watching people bid for goods and services is beyond me-- but apparently people think that they do: that was the entertainment. Larry appeared to be enjoying it.


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