Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Tuesday June 20th -- Audition!

This am I went to the annual StageSource cattle call. SS members sign up for a 2 min slot to do "2 contrasting pieces" for gathered local producers/directors. I've been doing this since the first year it happened, I think-- whenever that was. Even if nobody is likely to cast me, I think it is a Good Idea. If I am going to write for actors and opine about plays and acting, I ought to get out there on stage and expose myself. There's no credential that's a substitute for showing your chops. Fortunately this year I have had some roles, the productions were recent, and performance-level material in my memory cuts down on the preparation time. But among other things I'm proving that I still have a memory! I did the quadripelegic Wife (Lady Margaret Tebbit) from "Talking to Terrorists", which has Zero movement; and I Never Stop Talking from Martha Mitchell, that has a snippet of a song and a little bit of dance in it. How's that for contrast?
When we were lining up to go onto the audition stage I was behind a Soprano and ahead of a child actor who looked to be about 11 or 12. When the kid went to sit down he accidentally sat down in the space between 2 chairs, landing on the floor and bumping the back of his head against the wall. He didn't cry, and refused help, but his eyes got red and a tear or two trickled out as he bravely insisted he was fine and would go on as scheduled. Already a trouper! If his talent is as big as his heart.....
Tonight was first brush-up for the Falmouth "Martha" on Sunday... just me with Joan on piano. It was fun doing it again. I love Joan.


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