Sunday, May 28, 2006

Sandy Island Sunday

Sunday morning began with Nia, a form of aerobic dance my daughter has taken classes in but I'd never tried before. I had a wonderful time moving and shaking my booty, and finished thinking that I wanted to sign up for a class and do it multiple times a week. I felt so good that I went from Nia to folk dancing. Later in the day I had second thoughts, as muscles I hadn't exercised in a long time protested and stiffened up. Luckily there was late afternoon yoga to gently work out the kinks. David, Robin, and I found some 4ths to play bridge-- it is frustrating to have three players in the family and not be able to interest another offspring or spouse in learning the game. we get to play about 3 times a year. I went to the meeting of the FUSN book club, where any one could sit in and people-- almost all women-- talked about what good books they had read recently and members nominated titles to go on next fall's reading schedule. When the list of all the books mentioned comes out via email I'll print it up and tuck it in my purse to have handy when I make my library trips. Tennis was cancelled: a winter Nor'easter tore up the courts. I caught the tail end of the Round-singing. The rest of the day is a blur, but I know I had a pleasant time.


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