Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Furry Family Member falls ill

While David and I and the kids were at Sandy Island (leaving friend Will to do the feeding of Alice Blue Eyes), our Siamese came down with something debilitating. At first I thought that she was refusing to eat to punish me for leaving her behind, but I soon realized that she was quite ill: empty cat box, sleeping 22 hours, hiding under the chair instead of cuddling in our laps. Wednesday David took her to the walk in clinic, where the vet said she was dehydrated and that we should give her water or broth and if she didn't recover in 2 or three days take her to a full service vet or animal hospital. She wouldn't drink on her own, so I gave her water or broth or tuna juice in an eyedropper at frequent intervals. This, along with fretting and cat-mama guilt, unpacking from Sandy Island, and thinking about some revisions to the Chrismas at Grandma's script for the Platform Festival, were about all I could do for the next couple of days.


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