Friday, June 09, 2006

From My InBox

On Jun 9, 2006, ss wrote:

hello MR.HORTON... im from bangalore
india, and i read ur play under siege... i thought it
was an amazing play... one of the best iv read till
now indeed.. im heading an amateur theatre out here
and we were on the look out for a good thriller... can
i please get the act 2 of under siege.. im and
independent artist and have no funds... it would be
really kind of u too send me the act 2... hoping u
would do the same... thanks alot sir..

My reply:
here is the script for Under Siege attached.
I'm a woman-- a grandmother, actually.
Please let me know details if you decide you want to perform my play. It is very exciting for me when my work is on stage in a distant land! I would want to boast about it to my colleagues, and advertise it on my web site.
So far, this play has been done in South Africa, Russia, -- and one other distant place that I forget and would have to look up.
Best wishes,


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