Sunday, May 21, 2006

Report from the Front

in my email:

dear g.l.
back on may 06th, 2006 i wrote asking you if i could use your words to the one-act play "one more time" for a class project. you gave your consent. i'm just giving you a follow-up about how it went as you asked that this be done. this worked very well for my classmate and myself. we are both first semester students and our "blocking" could have been better but all told the instructor said we really had an understanding of the material and we had a feel for the characters (i am very pleased with the instructor's critique) i trust i'll get better with "blocking knowledge" as i continue to grow in obtaining a skill set for this genre. it was fun to do this play and i just wanted to say again thank you for its usage.

sincerely, m m.


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