Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Platform Production Meeting

Wednesday 17

I had to pass up the opportunity for comps to the Huntington's Loves Labors Lost in order to attend a required production meeting for the Playwrights Platform Summer Festival at the Boston Playwrights Theatre at Boston U. I regret this-- LLL is a favorite of mine. I saw it as a pre teen, done by the Yellow Springs Shakespeare, and I loved it then-- as I do now. I loved the wordplay, and the pedantry, and the pageant of The Worthies... I was a kid in love with the Greeks and Romans, myth and history, and I knew who the Worthies were at a tender age. So I loved the play for all the things that nmake it one of then less-frequently produced of the Shakespeare comedies. I've seen it as often as I can, within the limitation of my budget, and all but once or the 6 or 7 I've seen I've enjoyed. Both the Publick Theatre in Boston and Shakespeare and Co. in Lenox have done delightful productions within the last 5 years or so....

The PP production meeting was well attended and organized-- except that I expected to see my director there assuring everyone -- and me-- that she's on top of things. I know that she is directing another playwright's piece in the PP Festival, and also one in the Boston Theatre Marathon this week end, so she is certainly familiar with the BPT space and knows what furniture and props and lights and sound are available. I assume that she has copies of all the info sent out in PP emails that I have. I just don't know what I'm supposed to be doing for the upcoming production, or when, so consequently my life is on hold. I don't want to commit time to other things when I don't know whether the director and cast are amenable to rewrites, or when I am expected to show up at rehearsal or how difficult it will be to, say, get bios from the cast and print out programs-- that's the writers' responsibility.
Nice to see old friends like Frank Shefton at the meeting, and chat a bit with some of the newer writers whom I don't really know yet. I wish I were better at learning names.....


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