Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Wednesday -- back to play

A nice mention by Rick Park in his latest Boston ActorNews:
"Hey gang!
Went to see the latest Sugan show, "Talking With Terrorists". Very
thought provoking stuff here and some really wonderful performances.
Dafydd Rees is terrific at getting to the darkplaces in ordinary men
and Dale Place brings a delightful wryness to his role of the
psychologist. Eve Kagan is mesmerizing to watch--I literally couldn't
take my eyes off her whenever she was onstage-- and Geralyn Horton
was so wonderfully natural in all her roles. The subject matter may
be dark but this really is a show you should all see."

E mail, a blog entry, and a new Minute Mouth off monologue this morning.
Got outside in the afternoon for dog walking and for some leaf removal to let our dear little crocus blooms turn their eager faces to today's warm sunshine. Sixty degrees! Spring! Hooray! Pumped up my bicycle tires and rode around the block a couple of times to test it. A little wd40 and I'll be ready to roll.

Rosanna called to say that the Newton Library does want a performance of Martha Mitchell, tentatively set for the 14th of May. Hooray for that, too. We have another, earlier, gig at a private party, but the Library will be a chance for friends and potential bookers and perhaps even press to see it. The hope is to generate something resembling a Tour for the old girl.

For my daily dose of energizing outrage, I choose Dr. Peter Rost in the Huffington Post, A recently fired VP at Big Pharma calling for a roll-back in our hell-in-a-handbasket devolution towards kleptocracy. Sign me up, Pete for President!

Rode in with Lau, no brush-up rehearsal this week so naturally at one point I opened my mouth and the wrong line came out. I did a quick metal re-write in order to get back on track and give Daffid the cues he needs, and I think only the stage manager and Daffid noticed that the text was slightly askew.

Very small very quiet audience. No laughs. We figured they hated us, but afterwards about half of them hung around to tell us we and the show were wonderful-- so I guess You Never Can Tell.


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