Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Tuesday -- horrible, most horrible...

Went to the dentist, where he pried off my loose crown and discovered that as we feared the root of my molar is cracked and the tooth irrepairable. I'm in mourning. It isn't just the vivid reminder of my own mortality -- a partial plate would seriously interfere with singing and articulation, and implants cost 1/3 of my year's Social Security income.

OTOH, a small glimpse of a modest immortality: this email from South Africa

Dear Ms Horton
The last time I contacted you, I warned you that the "bad penny" will return. As in the past I would appreciate it so much if you could grant the National Drama Library in Bloemfontein South Africa, permission to download, copy and make copies of your plays available to members of our Library.
We always indicate copyright and performing rights regarding the plays we copy. We also include your e-mail address and obviously make no changes in your texts.
This time I would appreciate permission to make copies of the following of your plays:
Happy hour
Heaven and Hades
What kind of a life is that?

I am awaiting your reply in anticipation
Best wishes
National Drama Library
South Africa


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