Monday, March 27, 2006

Monday Off-- it's catch up

Blog, laundry, groceries, clean cat box.... a big day for little things.

Here's me as Mo Mowlam and Lau Lapides as Marjorie from the student paper at Bentley, where Lau teaches. I forgot that between the matinee Sunday and going home I went out for coffee with Lau and Judith Pratt, a playwright and fellow member of ICWP who lives in Ithica, NY. She's in town. Lau is the director of Judith's ten minute play that will be in the Dragonfly festival in Boston next month, besides being part of the wonderful cast of "Talking To Terrorists" I'm performing with at Sugan. Judith came to the show, and afterwards we plotted how to supply what the world clearly needs now even though it doesn't know it--- more theatres devoted to new plays by women!


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