Monday, March 20, 2006

Four Shows Down, Seventeen to Go

First day off after the opening weekend of "Talking to Terrorists" and I caught up on back email, wrote a minute monologue, and began to blog again. I thought rehearsals for the show would make interesting blog material-- but though the Sugan rehearsal process itself was wonderful, the people and conditions ( I except the drafty dirty leaking roofed rehearsal hall, but at least it is a real rehearsal hall, and a commodious one at that!) close to ideal, it didn't make for "material". Frankly, I was too busy absorbing and memorizing to have leisure for recording and commenting as well. What leftover time and energy I had went into keeping up email correspondance re: my Stagepage web site and play scripts. Suffice it to say that the 3-4 weeks of rehearsal was a fascinating and rewarding period.

The first reviews of the show are up on the Mirror: Beverly Creasey's review and Will Stackman's Quicktake


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