Monday, March 20, 2006

Summation of Rachell Corrie?

I discovered some sites that link to most of the controversy about the cancellation of the NYC production of the Royal Court's show. Jason Grote's blog for March 19th is informative, as is

and there's plenty on George Hunka's Superfluities site for March 18th and 20th

I eamiled a reply to an anti-Corrie post that said that "I can remember ONE recent pro-Israeli play "Golda's Balcony" with...
I have seen and certainly admire "Golda's Balcony". It is a very brave drama. Like "My Name Is Rachel Corrie" it is a documentary one woman play based on verbatim interviews and the writings of the character portrayed-- a heroically courageous sensitive intelligent moral woman. The script was put together by a very good writer who is also a sensitive intelligent moral person. But "Golda" is only pro-Israel if you consider that the character's central moral decision in the play-- to destroy all life on earth in a nuclear holocaust rather than risk the destruction of Israel as a Jewish homeland-- is right. I was appalled and shaken by it. I confess, more by the approval and applause of audiences who heard the words and saw the action I did but felt that because Golda's decision did not at that moment set off WWIII-- the US responded with a bail-out-- she was justified . I wept uncontrollably, and had nightmares for weeks afterwards. For me, William Gibson's "Golda" script is a tragedy that prophesies the end of everything that matters-- not just our brief human experiment with the possibility of love and kindness and wisdom, but possibly all but the simplest single-cell life on earth . Two implacable forces are arrayed in self-righteousness: one side has enough nuclear weapons to destroy civilization, the other is vastly more numerous and soon will have similar weaponry. It's only a matter of time. I may be fortunate enough to die before it happens, but human nature being what it is in even the best of people, happen it will.

"My Name Is.." gives a brief glimpse of hope, a tiny foolish candle of altruistic nonviolence in the darkness. And well-intentioned people want to extinguish it.


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