Sunday, April 02, 2006

Sunday --"Talking To.." run is 3/4 over

I've been feeling a little neglected, because although I had friends and family in the audience opening night, ever since I've not seen a familiar face when I talk directly to the audience. However, a couple from church did come, finally, and I felt a rush of what I'd have to call "communality" when I saw my friend's face out there!

She posted this to our church's mailing list afterwards:
"Get Thee To The Theatre
Well, it's not exactly light entertainment..... But it's important theater!!
I strongly urge you to try to go see "Talking to Terrorists" before it closes next Saturday. The fact that our own Geralyn Horton plays 4 roles and does it beautifully, is only one of several good reasons to go. (if you scroll down on the "Current Season" page, you'll see a picture of Geralyn as she opens the play.) ......
The whole thing is incredibly well acted and directed, AND it has important things to say about terrorism and what motivates terrorists. And, while there are some disturbing things discussed, it's not as gut-wrenching or gory as I'd worried when I read the reviews.
But VERY well done. You owe it to yourself to go see it!"

Another Good Thing was waiting for me when I got home: an email from Ghana:
On Apr 2, 2006, at 7:24 PM, magnificent kelvin wrote:
Geralyn, thanks for the play "Pregnant Pause". I am doing a lot with it in Ghana. This Tuesday 14th April, 2006, 6pm GMT at the ETS Drama Studio I will stage the play "Pregnant Pause".

For a surprise and your information, I have pictures and videos of this play which I think would be perfect for your site, I would send them to you tomorrow, but do you have any interesting Full length plays that I can direct next semester? Please reply.
Thanks for being the author of this play..............It's so magnificent!

I wrote back...Congratulations!
Thank you! I'd love to have pictures for my blog -- and videos!
I have written 14 or 15 full length plays. Some of them are on my website complete, and some are represented by a synopsis and a few scenes. I'd be happy to send you an email version of the script -- or scripts-- if there is one that you would like to direct. Some have only four actors in the cast, some have dozens...
However, "tomorrow" is here, and no sign of the pictures so far....


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