Friday, March 31, 2006

Friday: plug, production

Rick Park gave us a nice plug in the latest Boston ActorNews:

Hey gang!
Went to see the latest Sugan show, "Talking With Terrorists". Very
thought provoking stuff here and some really wonderful performances.
Dafydd Rees is terrific at getting to the darkplaces in ordinary men
and Dale Place brings a delightful wryness to his role of the
psychologist. Eve Kagan is mesmerizing to watch--I literally couldn't
take my eyes off her whenever she was onstage-- and Geralyn Horton
was so wonderfully natural in all her roles. The subject matter may
be dark but this really is a show you should all see.

A high school student in Oregon is going to mount a production of my "Heaven & Hades" -- rehearsals start next week!


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