Saturday, July 01, 2006

Off to a celebration

Saturday-- Lenox area for a 90th Birthday

My mother-in-law's 4 children gathered with spouses and a couple of grandkids to celebrate her 90th B-Day with lunch at the Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge. After I gave the dogs breakfast and a morning walk, David and I rode to Western Mass with his son Mike. I brought the laptop to do a little blogging in the car, but on the ride up it refused to log onto my desktop, and I read the current Nation instead-- or at least I did when the car was proceding steadily enough for me to look at a page of print without getting seasick. The men talked about cars and driving the whole way-- except when they were listening to Click and Clack talk about cars and driving on NPR. Cars and driving as a topic drives me bonkers. I can't bear to listen. That and the heat in the back seat of the car made me very grumpy-- poor company, I fear. Before we met for lunch we had time to walk around the tourist shops and I took an asprin before we settled wit the family into our 2 tables in the Inn's courtyard. From there we went to David's sister's condo in Lenox to talk. After catching up with family news we mostly talked about the different ways and landscapes the siblings have experienced since leaving New England. I feel twinges of envy, wishing that David and I had the time and money to travel. But do I really? I'm often glad for an excuse to just stay home--- and though he enjoyed it once he arrived, David had to be dragged kicking and screaming to London the first time we went abroad. He still won't consider a trip to anywhere that English is not the native tongue. He did sound interested in what his brother had to say about Australia, though. Now we're on the road home. David made a magician's pass over my laptop, and it is working now. But soon it will be too dark to see the keys.


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