Friday, June 30, 2006

TGIF -- doggone it!

Friday-- the last full day of Dog Walking. Wake, take boarding dogs out, feed them, feed cat and rabbit, self and husband, check am email, slather on sunscreen and climb into the Doggiemobile to pick up the pack. Exertize with the play group, then return each furry client to its own home and head out to visit the canine invalid who limps from his cage for a short solo walk. Home to tidy up and finish the remaining email. Change into tennis togs, take the boarders out to the park for a quick pee or poo. Drive to courts, warm up for the Round Robin and play 2 sets of regular doubles then 3 sets of 5-game sudden death Advanced doubles. A nice breeze , shady court, feeling good, playing well although not at the very top of my game. I'm tired when I lose the last game and head for home-- but nothing really hurts and I feel very good about that. Gather up the visiting dogs for a last wall and supper. When I get back DAvid's gaming friends have gathered for their usual Friday GURPS session, which hasn't been meeting at our apartment recently but is here tonight. They decide to order Chinese takeout, and I happily join the order. No cooking tonight! I go to the computer to continue with the on-line board meeting for the International Women Playwrights, hoping that the rest of the reports have been posted to be discussed or voted on-- but a few are still missing. That means the meeting will carry over at least till tomorrow, when I won't be able to participate. David and I will be driving to Western Mass. Try to go to bed early to get enough sleep before the trip, but an seduced by the 2nd half of a PBS Miss Marple and some of Bill Moyers NOW on faith and Atheism with Mary Gorden and a philosopher.


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