Tuesday, June 27, 2006


I was on a Technology for the Arts panel at U Mass Saturday before last talking about web sites, and another panelist was from Matchbook.org. I had heard of it-- a web site (and a person, I think) designed to match presenters such as storytellers, dance, music, and theatre to schools and clubs etc who might be looking to book them. I was afraid that it was a scam, or a waste of time-- but I'm now convinced that it is legit, and might even work. A foundation funded it, working with the New England Arts Councils; and the designers spent 3 years (!?!) working out the system/software. They've "seeded" the site with the 800 touring outfits that have been vetted by the education systems or Arts Councils of the New England states, and then opened it up to other, independent, artists. It has only been up and running for a few months, but is beginning to work, the panelist said. I've going to put myself and Joan Faber in Rosanna Alfaro's "Martha Mitchell Musical" on the Matchbook site as available for touring, linking to the Martha web site; and if I can figure out some way of offering my own stuff, I'll do that, too. I think other New England writer/performers (Carolyn Gage?) should consider using it. It is free! (there's a charge for adding streaming video....)


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