Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Last Night Before Launch

Of the West Gloucester run of Martha Mitchell. Did laundry, made to-do lists, walked dogs. Talked to June and Rosanna to set details of trip. Took books back to library-- and asked the library's programming person to consider hosting a future performance of Martha. Got her email to send the publicity material.
Did I mention that I suffered over the State of the Union yesterday? Fretted and fumed. Today less obsessed: wrote three new minute monologues for Stagepage. Mailed off 2 more manuscripts left over from yesterday's project. Had a great deal of trouble with the emailed attached items for the Last Frontier entry. Still don't know why the first 4 tries didn't get through, but the 5th attempt worked, somehow. Up too late again-- must pry myself away from the computer and go to bed.


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