Tuesday, January 24, 2006

A Dull Day

Tuesday I am awakened at 7am by a phone call from Larry Stark, of the Theater Mirror web site. This is preposterous-- Larry goes to shows every night, stays up writing and working on his site til the wee hours and sleeps past noon. How can he be calling me? turns out he is in the hospital, has had a successful repair of his worn-out replacement knee, and has lost all sense of time. Wants to let me know he's ok, tell me to pass his phone number on to others-- as I will. Larry is central to the Independent Reviewers of New England theatre Awards-- the IRNEs. I helped get the awards process started some years back, but have been disconnected since I stopped reviewing regularly.
Went back to bed for an hour or so, then settled in front of the computer. After email I worked on completing 2 of the 3 monologues I started yesterday, alternating with short breaks where I took down and packed away our Christmas decorations. Hey-- it's not February yet, there's no hurry.....
Very quiet day. Finished the blog entry about FROZEN, finished the 2 one minute monologues and posted them on Stagepage. 1600 plus visitors to Stagepage today, and the new section with the minute monologues has moved to the near the top in page view stats. On the other hand, no sign yet of any interest in StageBlog. Watched the PBS News by myself, Commander In Chief with my husband and daughter.
I'll go over the Martha lines before going to sleep.


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