Friday, January 27, 2006

Sublime and Ridiculous, Mozart and filibuster..

Friday I slept a bit late, which cut into my morning yoga stretches. This week the classical music stations are celebrating Mozart, to my delight. In addition to old favorites I've heard some unfamiliar early pieces which are pleasant indeed. I also had the pleasure of reading on line an essay on Mozart published in Commentary -- which I didn't realize was by Terry Teachout-- the critic whose online blog, About Last Night, I very much enjoy-- until I reached the end and looked for the author's name. Today TT's blog pointed me to Kyle Gann's blog, where a poem of Auden's on The Magic Flute that I don't remember ever reading before was posted. It raised a tear of that exquisite melancholy joy that the opera itself elicits: a wonderful gift from the blogosphere.
June Lewin came over late morning to go through my fabric hoard to find something appropriate for next week's Martha performances in Gloucester, left with two bolts of upholstery cloth and a couple of folding tables to use on the set.
The political blogs, unlike the arts ones, are a slog through a slough of depression and outrage. I dutifully sign various petitions against this and for that, meanwhile intensely conscious that I have led a most fortunate life of freedom and curiosity and questioning and creativity unimaginable to the vast majority of the women who have lived on this planet-- and that the chances that my grandaughters or great-grandaughters-- if I ever have any-- will be similarly priviliged are not good, not good at all. I dash off a thank-you note to my Senator, who last night decided that he will lead a filibuster against Judge Alito: "Thank you for leading the fight against an unbalanced right-wing court. Nominees who are not acceptable to a significant minority of the citizens who must conform to their interpretations of the law ought to withdraw their own names for the good of the nation. A court out of line with what many people consider fair and just causes cruel divisions in the country which cannot be addressed politically through our election process. Civil strife is the inevitable result. A good clean fight now may spare our beloved country much evil in the future."
My husband and I walk the dogs together, then have our New Job Celebration postponed from yesterday. I rehearse Martha by myself in the living room, while he goes off to his weekly Game with his fellow role players, including his youngest son. I write one more Minute Monologue and post it on Stagepage-- and now to bed!


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