Thursday, January 26, 2006

Domestic Doings and Preparing for Another Opening

Thursday another catch-up day. Eliza came over with the last of the items I'd loaned to FLOWERS OF RED, and I helped her cart left-over stuff to Goodwill or recycling. The big excitment of the day is that my husband's spell of unemployment is ending-- his interview produced a job offer, and he went downtown to fill out paperwork. We planned to go out to eat to celebrate, but he missed one train and the second was behind schedule so there wasn't really enough time to go out between his homecoming and my scheduled MARTHA rehearsal. Had salads at home, postponing celebration until tomorrow. Gloucester News called to do a phone interview in connection with a feature on MARTHA to run next week. Lord only knows what I said-- bad enough with a play I've written, but talking about a friend's play that I'm acting in is the perfect invitation to open mouth, insert foot! Evening rehearsal was loosey-goosey, tried a few new things that felt good and director and author decided that some of them are worth keeping.

Wednesday was not very productive either, art-wise. Wrote a new one-minute monologue, is all. Otherwise, a read, write, and think day, punctuated by household chores.
I did run lines for MARTHA, and made a copy of my new headshot-- thank you, Jeff Brewer, technical director, guru and Best Guy for the MARTHA production!-- on a cd for the Sugan to use in publicity for their upcoming TALKING TO TERRORISTS production. I will attach my headshot to my blog profile here as soon as I figure out how to do so.
Got a nice email from The Last Frontier Theatre Conference inviting me to apply this year to attend as an actor. Which I'd seriously consider doing, if -- as last year with THE 11:04 BRIGHTON: THE OLDEST ESTABLISHED PERMANENT ROLLING CAST PARTY-- a play of mine was selected for development. Deadline's coming up soon, so I should send off my latest long one act meditation on mortality, AND THIS GIVES LIFE TO THEE.
I also spent a little time going over the music for the choir's March Music Sunday concert (Brahms and Jean Berger) before the 7:30 choir rehearsal. I'm glad I won't be out of town for the concert this year. Last year I was in Kansas City with my short multimedia (paddle puppets and sound scape) political piece UNDER COVER for the Mid-America Theatre Conference Music Sunday weekend, so though I practiced with the choir I didn't sing the concert.


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