Saturday, March 17, 2007

Saturday- music, March Storm, Graves & The Goddess

Saint Patrick's Day-- I forgot, but happened to dress in green anyway. The ice didn't quite make it impossble to get out of the house, so I went to the Newton Library's monthly Saturday sing, which opened with "When Irish Eyes are Smiling" and closed with selections from Brigadoon. Vowed to learn the middle part in the Mozart Alleluia-- if my high notes as as painful to others as to me, it's time to retire them.

Happy to read on line that Christians are finally mounting a significant anti-war presence. Hundreds arrested outside the White House last night.

Joined the Goddess-blogging at Firedoglake this afternoon.
On Robert Graves - a poet who claimed to be Muse/Goddess inspired and to have “channeled” his wonderful historical novels “I, Claudius” “King Jesus” and “Wife to Mr. Milton” — Graves also wrote a channeled novel of the future, a future which seems more plausible by the day: “Watch the Northwind Rise”. In it, anthropologists have set up a Goddess-Culture for the post-apocolypse remnant of humanity, but there is Trouble in Paradise. I love this work, which I read when a teen, and had hoped to live long enough for it to go out of copyright so that I could do a dramatization– preferably a musical one, since music and magic are themes. But with the recent extension of copyright long past the century mark I have lost hope: not only will I be dead before this out-of-print masterpiece can be revived and reworked, civilization will probably be dead too and unable to benefit from the prophetic poet’s vision.

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