Friday, March 09, 2007

Marketing Monologues -- or giving them away

The Brutal Statistic re: marketing a monologue
Someone asks, "Is the market for those really that big? How would one go about marketing a monologue?"

I reply: don't know about marketing. How much is a monologue worth to a student actor? They buy them by the book full.... 100 Best Monologues for Student Actors, cost about $10, or 10 cents per monologue. I've had some published in these collections. They pay $20 or $25 per, and may or may not send me a free copy. However, if you are giving them away yourself, there's a pretty good"market". I have posted over 200 of mine on my web site, and I get approx. 1500 student actors per day reading them on the site during the school year. Hundreds of kids download my stuff to use, and several email me every week to thank me.
At this point in my writing life, this seems to be my bid for Literary Immortality. Some kid who memorizes my words for Speech Class will carry them forever in her heart--- just as I remember the poems I learned to recite aloud in eighth grade.

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