Thursday, March 15, 2007

ICWP Celebrations, Brighton Branch Boston Public Library

ICWP Celebrates Women Playwrights
Thursday March 15th 7pm BRIGHTON BRANCH Boston Public Library


Kelly DuMar’s “Bird’s Egg, Blue” (Elizabeth T. Rose as Cin, H.W.Tilney as Tripp, drummers Dorothy Eagle & Geralyn Horton.) excerpt from the full length "Away Message"; about love and loss across two generations.

Monica Raymond's "Novices"; A twenty-first century take on The Taming of the Shrew: Kate (Alex Phillips) and Pete (Ian McCafferty), who've connected on-line, meet at Au Bon Pain. Kaycie Alanis directs.

Mary McCollough's "Bottom Lines"; Pooshee Pritchee intends to save her brother, Cash, from himself-- and save the family's good name. Pooshee's soon-to-be lawyer niece, Dee, tries to stop her. Featuring Elena Dodd and Chris Fadala, StreetFeet performers.

G.L.Horton's "Elegy"; urging an up-and-coming young woman virtuoso (Noel Armstrong) to resist the efforts of her husband and her friend Sandy (Alex Philips) to get her to relax and fiddle "just for fun" veteran violist (Robert Bonotto) passes on a hard-earned lesson from his late wife.

Deborah Valianti: excerpt from the Brighton playwright's "Too Many Willies"; a gender bending exploration of the nature and source of Art, and inspiration, and the effects of marketplace sensibilities on the Artist. Ms. Valianti plays Ronnie; Andy O’Kane, Jack; Emilie Davis, Betty- Ronnie’s sister- & Artemisia; Don Bravo, Narrator, Harry, & Tommy.

Rosanna Yamagiwa Alfaro: excerpt from "Martha Mitchell" (Geralyn Horton). The wife of Nixon's Attorney General- he went to jail, for Dirty Tricks such as covering up the Watergate break in- has her say.

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Blogger Taylor said...

I just want to say, that I think your monologues are brilliant. I've looked over a few to see what I could put in my portfolio and was amazed by your articulation and your talent. Thank you for providing me with examples of what a monologue should look like. Most of them were perfect for me and clearly expressed the things that need to be said. : D thanks again,
A.K.A big Horton monologue fan.

7:28 PM  

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